EFFICIENCY means the resource utilization rate, which guarantees maximum results. Clients of LMH Baltic can be sure that they will be provided with top-quality services.

Double Deck System

New-generation semi-trailers with double deck system allow making optimal use of semi-trailer volume and lifting capacity. The system meets all safety requirements and semi-trailers are recognized throughout Europe.

LMH Baltic UAB is one of the first companies in Europe to use such semi-trailers and now they comprise the majority of the company's fleet. Semi-trailers are renovated on a regular basis, which is why the systems are reliable and function flawlessly.

Seeking to optimize the loading of such semi-trailers, the company developed a computer system, which allows using the double deck system very efficiently. The system helps solving complex loading tasks and is an excellent time-saving tool for the managers, drivers and cargo handlers.

Introduction of state-of-the-art technologies allowed the company to increase the volume of goods carried at the same time and make better use of its vehicles while protecting the environment.

Transport Control and Management System

Transport control and management system allows tracking the current location of the trucks, checking the driver's schedule, controlling the fuel level in the tank and tracking a number of other parameters at any time.

At the client's request, the system can send messages about the location of shipment or when the shipment passes a certain point, for example, crosses state border.

The system collects and processes a number of analytical data about the truck and the driver's performance. Therefore, managers can view and analyse the necessary reports and charts, which allows optimizing freight shipping processes.

Taking Pictures and Securing the Goods

The company employs professional drivers who are excellent at their job and have extensive experience in freight shipping.

After loading the goods, the driver secures them according to load securing requirements, checks the quantity against the shipment order, makes sure that the dimensions of the shipment match those specified by the client and always takes pictures of the shipment. The pictures are automatically sent to the office without a delay. This helps ensure that the goods reach the destination in the same condition as they were loaded. Shipping safety is very important to the clients; therefore, managers can send them the pictures of the shipment in order to assess the condition of the goods. The pictures are stored in a database and, if necessary, information about shipments previously carried by LMH Baltic may be retrieved.

Accounting System and Database

Always looking for the latest solutions for making the operations more effective, LMH Baltic decided to buy one of the most modern shipping accounting modules in Lithuania. With additional investment in programming, the system was successfully installed and is currently used by both the Transport Department and the accounting and bookkeeping staff. The system allows automating time-consuming tasks, connects the Transport Department with the Accounting Department and stores and processes all the necessary data and client orders.

The system makes it possible to perform cross-cutting analyses of the collected data, which makes it a great tool for the employees in assessing market developments and changing client needs as well as taking appropriate decisions.

At the client's request, we can provide reports on their shipment carried by the company over a certain period of time.

Fuel-Efficient Driving with Volvo Dynafleet

All drivers in the company are professionals who employ driving techniques that allow making the most efficient use of the truck capacities. The technological advancements allowed Volvo to design Dynafleet, a driver and truck tracking system installed on trucks and company’s computers. This software is used by LMH Baltic. The system collects and analyses data on the driver's driving behaviour. This is a great tool if you are looking for ways to use less fuel to transport the same amount of goods. The software helps the driver and the manager to assess individual driving characteristics and take appropriate decisions to reduce fuel consumption.

The drivers who use fuel most efficiently are rewarded with bonuses; therefore, everyone has an interest in saving fuel, while decreasing fuel consumption allows the company to work even more efficiently and conserve the environment.

Tablet Computers. Document Scanning

All LMH Baltic trucks are equipped with tablet computers and unlimited internet access. This solution opened a number of possibilities for the company. It improved communication between managers and drivers, made it possible to exchange more information, send and receive documents, pictures and even videos.

The drivers have a great tool, which allows observing traffic conditions on their route online and planning their driving time more efficiently. They can also track their location via satellite, which facilitates navigation in difficult conditions, e.g., in the mountains or a city centre. A tablet computer and unlimited internet access also offer many other benefits.

We offer our clients a possibility to receive the necessary scanned documents at any time, e.g. upon delivery of goods, the driver can immediately scan the transport documents (CMR) with the recipient’s signature and seal. This system is also automated and scanned documents are immediately sent to the office computer.