Drivers' fuel challenge


Drivers' Fuel Challenge – fuel-efficient driving competition.

To promote fuel-efficient driving and stress the importance of driver's skills, Volvo Trucks organizes a stage of Drivers’ Fuel Challenge in Lithuania. This competition has been organized in Lithuania every year since 2012 and attracts a lot of attention of the drivers and transport companies.

The stakes are raised by the fact that all professional truck drivers may test their fuel-efficient driving skills regardless of the make of the truck they drive on their job.

The task for all competitors is simple: drive the pre-defined route with the lowest fuel consumption possible by efficiently using Volvo FH driveline and making use of the inertia of the truck and loaded semi-trailer.

LMH Baltic is represented by several drivers every year. At least one or two of them always participate in the finals of Lithuania. Although the company is small, its professional drivers are tough enough to compete with the drivers from all over Lithuania.

Congratulations to Linas Savukynas and Vladislav Romanovskij once again on their excellent performance in the finals.