Briefly about LMH Baltic UAB

We are an international and domestic freight shipping company established in 2006 and specializing in part load shipping. The company is one of the market leaders in this industry in the Baltic States.

Our employees are professionals in their field! Office employees and professional truck drivers are a team working for a common goal – efficient freight shipping! This means that our goal is to meet the client's needs, promptly respond to changes in the market and respect the environment by looking for optimal freight shipping solutions. 

Efficient fuel consumption and a strict work and rest schedule are the priorities which help us conserve nature and ensure safe freight shipping.

Our Truck Fleet

The freight shipping policy of LMH Baltic UAB requires buying completely new trucks and semi-trailers. The shipping fleet includes only Volvo trucks and Krone semi-trailers. The condition of the vehicles must be flawless and their completion must meet special requirements in order to ensure optimum use of the vehicles and to carry the maximum amount of goods with the lowest possible fuel consumption. This helps to conserve nature and ensure highly efficient operation of the company.

Main Directions and Schedule

Weekly part load shipping. Austria, Slovenia, Croatia <–> Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland.

Goods are loaded every week from Wednesday to Friday and delivered to the clients next week between Monday and Wednesday. For an extra charge goods can be delivered from Austria, Slovenia and Croatia to Vilnius or Kaunas on the same week.

Our Clients

Largest freight forwarding companies from different countries in Europe, manufacturers of different goods and most of smaller shipping and freight forwarding companies.

We also accept orders from natural persons.